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real, unfiltered advice to your most common questions
How long does a standard system last?
Tough question since there are so many different ones on the market.
• Poly is the shortest, lasting 6-12 weeks, I personally get about 12 weeks use
• Lace (French and Swiss) lasts between 3-6 months
• Mono lasts 6 months +
A lot of this has to do with your lifestyle and how you care for your system.  If you're a very active, outside person expect shorter times. 
How much does it cost?
A typical system costs anywhere from $200 to $400 USD.  This is based on ordering a system yourself from a trusted company.  If you go to a salon expect to pay a whole lot more.  Possibly thousands.  Home maintenance is very low, maybe $20 dollars per month (this does not include replacement systems).    
What are the best products to use?
I'm really sorry but there is no real answer to this. However, if you go to the resources page, I list products I use personally. Link to Products /Resources
Everyones' body chemistry is different.  This comes with trial and error.  This applies for bonds as well as hair care products.  Use high quality, branded haircare (shampoo and conditioners) for your system.  No Paraffin or Alcohols.
What's the best system to use? 
This is a preference thing.  I prefer a Poly.  Some prefer Lace.  Monofilament is not suggested for an exposed hairline.  
What's the best brand system?
This is a preference as well.  A lot of this is customer service and product quality.  Please keep in mind that most companies (95%) do not make their own systems.  They purchase from factories in China and relabel them to their brand.  Some higher end companies do actually design their own systems.   
Why do I see some systems that cost thousands of dollars?
Very simple..... They are greedy and expect customers to be gullible.  No system should EVER cost this.  This is a huge passion of mine, it really irks me that people fall for this.
Will people see my hair system?
If done correctly, no they will not.   I am personally in front of people all day everyday.  No one has ever noticed anything, not once.  This has to do with maintenance, you must keep your hairline neat and clean.    
Is it a lot of work?
In the beginning yes, a little.  After about a month or so when you have the hang of it, its no problem at all.  I spend maybe 3 hours per month total on my care and system. 
How often do you have to maintain/fix it?
Sometimes I can go a full week without touchups.  This took time to learn how to apply the glue correctly and to follow the directions exactly.  No shortcuts.  
Typically, I do a fix of a small spot coming up on the hairline every few days, 5 minute job.  
I redo my front hairline once a week to keep it looking fresh.  
How often do you get your haircut?
Once every two weeks.  The stylist just knows not to change anything with the system.  
When I get a new system how much does it cost for the "cut-in"
This will be different from salon to salon.  Cost is usually $40 to $200.
The $40 is if you install your system at home and they just cut it.  The $160-$200 is if they install it and cut.
Can I go to the gym, beach, on the boat, fun park etc?
Yes, with a proper attachment you can do anything everyone else does.  
Things I probably wouldn't do:  
Wear a motorcycle helmet without a "do-rag" on my head between the helmet and my skin.
Skydiving without a bandana or something on.  I'm sure you get the point.
Can I do this all by myself?
With time, learning and two mirrors it is possible.  I have yet to try it personally but I would figure it would be difficult.  This only includes a full replacement.  Maintenance is no problem by yourself.
Should I take products with me to work, school etc?
I personally never have.  I work for myself so I can go home whenever I need to.  If I worked at a business I would probably have a "kit" that I leave at work.  It would consist of rubbing alcohol, whatever glue I normally used,  a small rag (like a dish rag), a normal comb, hairspray and lace release.  These items could probably get you out of a pinch if needed.
Will it fall off when I'm in bed?
Short answer is no.  It will not move or slide etc.  
If I go on a date will she see it?
If installed correctly, then she will never know.  The hairline must be clean and neat but she will never know. Even if you're intimate.  If you get lucky that night, be prepared to wake up first so you can at least go check it.  If she sees something in the morning just straight up tell her.  
What System or Replacement do I wear?
I wear an Invisiskin unit from my own hairline, .  This unit is a medium density.  All stock settings.  It is a .03mm Poly unit.
How do I pick my color? 
There are a few ways to do this, but its best done with a color swatch or hair color wheel.  These are sold at 
beauty supply stores like Sally's.  You can also go to a high end salon that does coloring for females and ask one of the stylist there that has one to tell you the color of your hair.  I did a video exactly on this subject.
How do I find a stylist or barber to work with me?
There are a few different ways to do this.  One, call or google Hair Replacement near me.  Once you speak to someone just ask if they are willing to let you bring in your own replacement unit for them to attach or if they will cut-in your preinstalled unit (if you do that part yourself at home)
The next way (the way I did it) I drove around to higher end female salons and asked if anyone would help me.  I found a stylist that did females hair extensions and she said she would try.  We taught each other a lot and she does a great job now.
How long does my hair need to be to do this?
Honestly this has a lot to do with what hair style you choose.  If you choose a disconnected undercut like I did starting out, it just needs to be a few weeks of length.  This should be a minimum of 3-4 weeks.
If you are going for a much thicker look, like a Bieber etc, then you will need to grow it out quite a bit before hand.
How often should I wash it?
I was my unit twice per week, Monday's and Thursday's.  The more you wash it the more it wears on the unit.
Rinse and condition daily, also use a leave in conditioner daily.
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